2016 Citizens of the Year BiosThe 2016 Citizens of the Year

The Citizens of the Year award is given to those who have gone above and beyond in community volunteerism and philanthropy.

Whether it be giving of their time, talent, expertise, or just being a good advocate, all of these play a role in making Prince George the wonderful community it is.

The Citizens of the Year Gala is a major fundraiser for the Prince George Community Foundation, which uses its permanent endowment funds to support organizations involved in health, sports, recreation, education, arts, culture, social services, and the environment.

This year an arms-length committee have chosen five outstanding individuals to represent the Foundation and community as a whole as the Citizens of the Year.

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Citizen Of The Year Awards

  • Recipients.jpg

    Diana Nakamura - Dr. William Osei - Anthony Everett - Bill and Judy Russel

    2015 Citizens of The Year

    Up until now, as many as five people or couples were nominated but in the end just one was awarded the designation of "Citizen of the Year". This year, rather than bestowing the honour on just one person, three individuals and one couple were named "Citizens of the Year".

  • Roy Spooner.jpg

    Roy Spooner

    2014 Citizen of The Year

  • Andy_Beesley.jpg

    Andy Beesley

    2013 Citizen of The Year

  • Monica_Peacock.jpg

    Monica Peacock

    2012 Citizen of The Year

  • Darrell_Hubbell.jpg

    Darrell Hubbell

    2011 Citizen of The Year

  • SharonHurd.jpg

    Sharon Hurd

    2010 Citizen of The Year

  • RayGerow.jpg

    Ray Gerow

    2009 Citizen of The Year

  • Michael-Kerr.jpg

    Michael Kerr

    2008 Citizen of The Year

  • Voneugen.jpg

    Dick Voneugen

    2007 Citizen of The Year

  • Sethi.jpg

    Baljit Sethi

    2006 Citizen of The Year

  • lynch.jpg

    Bill Lynch

    2005 Citizen of The Year

  • Gratton.jpg

    Shirley Gratton

    2004 Citizen of The Year

  • martin.jpg

    Anne Martin

    2003 Citizen of The Year

  • Griffith.jpg

    Tom Griffith

    2002 Citizen of The Year

  • Flatt.jpg

    John Flatt

    2001 Citizen of The Year

  • Krause.jpg

    Murry Krause

    2000 Citizen of The Year

  • Sander.jpg

    Horst Sander

    1999 Citizen of The Year

  • Molendyk.jpg

    Gord Molendyk

    1998 Citizen of The Year

  • Harkins.jpg

    Bob Harkins

    1997 Citizen of The Year