FEBRUARY 1, 2024

After serving as President of the Prince George Community Foundation for two years, Catherine Pennington has stepped down to make way for the new president, Zahid Islam.

In her departure statement, Pennington expressed gratitude for the unwavering support and collaboration of each Board member, community partner, and the Foundation’s staff. She emphasized that the Prince George Community Foundation is more than just an organization; it is a collective force for good. Pennington expressed confidence that under Zahid’s new leadership, the Foundation will continue to prosper, evolve, and remain a cornerstone for community betterment.

Zahid Islam, the incoming President, currently holds the position of Senior Manager & Team Leader in the CIBC Commercial Banking team in Prince George, B.C. With a global background in commercial banking, he has garnered recognition for outstanding performance in both Canadian and international banks. Zahid has actively contributed to charitable organizations such as the Prince George Islamic Centre and serves on the York University MFAc Internship Advisory Board, in addition to being a Career Skills Presenter at York University.

Zahid added “I want to thank Catherine for her leadership over the past two years as President. Our success during the past 24 months is due in large part to Catherine’s innovative ideas and valuable leadership. Her contributions have benefited the Foundation in allowing us to grow stronger and to better serve our community.”

About the Prince George Community Foundation:

True community development happens through the efforts of passionate citizens. Thanks to the vision and financial investment of local residents, the Prince George Community Foundation was created in 1995 to serve Prince George and the region in perpetuity. With the sustainable management of an endowment, ongoing charitable donations, and passion for community, the Foundation has provided more than $9.5 million to date for projects championed by local and regional registered charities who work to build a livable, resilient community.



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