Founded in 1995, the Prince George Community Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven, charitable organization that brings together people who care about their community.

The Prince George Community Foundation facilitates philanthropy, by partnering with donors to build permanent endowment funds that support community projects.

The Foundation offers you the unique opportunity to support your community and to share in shaping its future by pooling and investing the charitable gifts of our donors. Gifts and bequests are accumulated in a permanent trust fund managed by a highly skilled team of professionals. Investment income is allocated carefully and responsibly to charitable organizations committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community.

Organizations involved in health, sports, recreation, arts, culture, social services and the environment all benefit from the generosity of those giving to the Foundation.

Your gift to the Foundation enables you to maximize your tax, financial and estate planning and to direct your contribution to the charities you care deeply about. Your donation to the Foundation can also provide you with the opportunity to establish a named fund in memory of a loved one or a community champion.

Explore the possibility of making a planned gift to your community through the Prince George Community Foundation and remember that all gifts, regardless of size, can make a difference. We would be pleased to discuss various options with you regarding a contribution to the Foundation. All donations are fully tax receiptable. Opportunities exist for you to designate your gifts to benefit specific projects, organizations or areas of the community for which you have particular interests.

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