Canadian Mental Health

Canadian Mental Health


We are in the process of reopening our clubhouse following a fire in August of 2018. Our new building is now complete and as Covid 19 restrictions wane we are planning a significant amount of new programming including the development of a Recovery College and a Men's Shed. We are applying to the Prince George Foundation for funding support for the Men's Shed. We have been approved as members of the Provincial men's shed and have received funding of $1,000 to assist  with start up as well as in kind support that allows two of our members to attend the annual conference occuring in November in Squamish - the men's shed of BC is covering all travel, accommodations, meals and registration.

Men tend to be individuals heavily impacted by mental illness but also heavily impacted by cultural norms that disallow them from seeking help or reaching out in ways that could be healing. Doug Mackie founded the first Canadian shed in 2011 in Winnipeg. Doug recognized that many men in his community had both time on their hands and a tendency to suffer from isolation, loneliness, and depression. This was especially true after they retired as many men tie big parts of their identities to their careers. Men i s Sheds help men come together, stay productive, and contribute to the community—all of which are keys to good overall health.


25 Years of History

Because of the work of a few, many Prince George charities have benefited by the creation of the Prince George Community Foundation. More than 25 years ago the Foundation was just a dream. Today it has granted back over $4.89 million and we're just getting started. We are proud to release this video in honor of those who came before us and worked so tirelessly to create a Foundation that will benefit all Prince George residents. Please enjoy. 

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