Canadian Red Cross Society

Canadian Red Cross Society


This diverse project will serve two distinct demographics.  For seniors, we will inject 20 wheelchairs and 15 walkers into the Prince George HELP system.  This will replace equipment that has reached the end of its service life over the past year and was removed from stocks available for loan.  

For children who comprise a much smaller group of HELP beneficiaries, this project will purchase 4 reclining pediatric wheelchairs, 2 sets of elevating leg rests, and 14 sets of replacement parts that will extend the service life of these specialized wheelchairs.  This is part of a BC-wide effort to replenish the stocks of HELP pediatric wheelchairs that have worn out and reached the end of their service life.  As will be shown below, these shortages have become a significant problem for families with ill or injured children.

The children who need HELP wheelchairs and walkers are between 5 and 10 years old. They are recovering from temporary disabilities such as broken legs from sports, cancer treatments or multi-trauma injuries from car accidents.  Children with permanent disabilities particularly require reclining wheelchairs when they are moving to full dependence on a wheelchair but have not yet purchased their own.

Children with cerebral palsy may also borrow a wheelchair while undergoing corrective surgeries where a cast or recovery position does not allow them to fit their usual wheelchairs.  This is common when a child must endure a full or partial spica cast that runs from their ankles to above their waist, preventing any movement at the hips.


25 Years of History

Because of the work of a few, many Prince George charities have benefited by the creation of the Prince George Community Foundation. More than 25 years ago the Foundation was just a dream. Today it has granted back over $4.89 million and we're just getting started. We are proud to release this video in honor of those who came before us and worked so tirelessly to create a Foundation that will benefit all Prince George residents. Please enjoy. 

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