Northern John Howard Society

Northern John Howard Society


NJHSBC is developing a new healing art therapy program, which will provide participants with a unique opportunity to build off of the various skills they learned throughout their participation in the "Stop Taking it Out on Your Partner (S.T.O.P)" program. S.T.O.P. is a free, domestic violence prevention group that runs weekly for both men and women over a period of 14 weeks, and works to develop participant awareness, self-esteem, accountability, communication skills and emotional literacy. By developing and facilitating a healing art S.T.O.P. program extension, NJHSBC is creating and implementing an environment that is centered around respect, healing, and creative expression. The project is intended to provide a safe space for individuals and their families to come together and participate in the healing arts process. NJHSBC will partner with the Community Arts Council of Prince George & District (CAC) to develop material based off their "Kikiwin Healing Arts Program", a program which has successfully been delivered to many other social service agencies in the community since 2016. NJHSBC will work alongside the CAC team, which includes an art therapist, Indigenous art practitioner, and program coordinator. By participating in this program, individuals are dedicating themselves to the healing process, and will develop a life long practice which utilizes the skills they have developed throughout the program in their daily lives. The healing art program will be delivered as a continued support group which will run with set dates and times, to build a re-accuring sense of community throughout the program and aid in the successful development of lasting relationships with others.


25 Years of History

Because of the work of a few, many Prince George charities have benefited by the creation of the Prince George Community Foundation. More than 25 years ago the Foundation was just a dream. Today it has granted back over $4.89 million and we're just getting started. We are proud to release this video in honor of those who came before us and worked so tirelessly to create a Foundation that will benefit all Prince George residents. Please enjoy. 

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