Sources Community Resource Society

Sources Community Resource Society


The project will create a lending library for parents and caregivers in the Family Preservation & Reunification North. This library will include resources on healthy parenting, raising resilient children, parenting through challenging behaviours, and addressing challenges commonly faced by families in the program including mental health, addictions, financial freedom, and navigating crises. 

The project will also result in necessary changes to the Family Room, where parenting sessions, supervised visits, and integrated case management meetings take place. Currently the space does not have the adequate space, furnishings, and equipment for truly successful supervised visits. Supervised visits are structured time between parents/guardians and children that have been removed from their care. It is often a time for parents/guardians and children to connect, play or learn together, prepare a meal, and work on schoolwork. A renovated space would allow all of these activities to take place successfully.


25 Years of History

Because of the work of a few, many Prince George charities have benefited by the creation of the Prince George Community Foundation. More than 25 years ago the Foundation was just a dream. Today it has granted back over $4.89 million and we're just getting started. We are proud to release this video in honor of those who came before us and worked so tirelessly to create a Foundation that will benefit all Prince George residents. Please enjoy. 

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